Aksik Heat Distribution

Aksik Heat Distribution System Develops Prototype with Assistance from AMEP

Black Feather Boats

Black Feather Boats Achieves Success through Collaboration

Ladder Rack

Ladder Rack has Shot at Going National

Northern Airframes

Aircraft Manufacturing Business Takes Off

Barbara Apangalook

Manufacturing Alaska Native Art

Pacific Sea Flight

Pacific Sea Flight Ready to Launch

Memory By Design

Micro-Enterprise Startup in Rural Alaska




Organizational Development

  • Startup Planning - Visioning, roles, resources, funding, products and markets

  • Business Planning - Feasibility studies, pro forma financials, market definition

  • Funding Acquisition - Guiding clients as they pursue debt and equity for growth



  • Market research

  • Internet strategy

  • Market expansion

  • Collateral marketing material


Rural Economic Development

  • Alaska Business Portal and strategies for e-commerce market development

  • Distance delivered training and workforce development

  • Supply chain management


Quality Management Systems

  • Project Management

  • Training Within Industry (TWI)

  • Lean Enterprise

  • Six Sigma

  • RoHS & WEEE

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