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While AMEP services are available to any existing manufacturer or rural-based artist operating in Alaska, AMEP has identified several key areas to focus its efforts. These areas have been identified through state priorities, MEP priorities, and opportunity analysis.


Rural E-Commerce in Alaska Villages

One of AMEP’s key projects is to help establish a network of Rural E-Commerce centers in Alaska villages so that artists and others may market their products over the Internet. Rural artisans have limited access to consumer markets. With broadband Internet access just recently becoming available in many communities, a whole new web-based distribution channel is emerging. AMEP is working to establish Internet storefronts in dozens of remote villages.


Value-Added Food Processing

Alaska’s healthy wild fishery stocks provide an excellent base for further processing and the manufacture of niche products. This mature industry has significant infrastructure in place, a good labor pool and many opportunities for smaller processors. The reindeer industry offers great potential for upscale consumers to dine on Arctic venison. This fledgling industry could provide an important source of cash and entrepreneurial vigor to remote communities in western Alaska. There are many small bakeries and food processing facilities in urban Alaska who are successful in replacing previously imported items with locally made goods. AMEP will undertake commercial demonstrations in seafood, reindeer and perhaps other industries to establish new value-added manufacturing opportunities.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Hailed as the retail bar code of the 21st century, RFID tags are quickly gaining viability in inventory control, point of purchase management and package tracking. This technology is creating tremendous efficiencies for organizations like Wal-Mart and the US Department of Defense, which have mandated the use of RFID by key suppliers. MEP has a national goal of helping companies adopt RFID technology where appropriate, and the Alaska office is carrying this mandate forward.


Manufacturing Process Improvement

360vu is a premier management consulting resource designed specifically for small manufacturers and offered exclusively by certified MEP Centers. These services are delivered by a certified 360vu consultant who works side-by-side with the company management—through every stage from strategic planning to implementation—to help move that company above, beyond, and ahead in productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. The Alaska office connects manufacturers with the consultant who’s best able to meet their needs.


Forest Products

While the larger Alaska timber processors have declined in recent years, Alaskan entrepreneurs have created many small value-added timber processing facilities across Southeast Alaska and the Railbelt region, from log homes to kiln dried paneling and furniture. These small re-processors face tight supplies and high operating costs, making it difficult to focus much investment on streamlining their production flow. Our experts can assist with gaining the extra efficiencies needed to stay competitive in the global marketplace.


Collaboration Among Agencies

AMEP is expressly chartered to facilitate collaboration between existing federal, state, regional, local and other organizations for the delivery of business assistance services. This allows AMEP to prevent duplication and reduce costs while strengthening existing agencies. Service to entrepreneurs is improved by empowering the local contact partner with the resources of the entire network.



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