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How can your business save energy dollars?

The cost of running your business keeps going up, from workers comp to insurance to labor and materials. An energy upgrade is a great way to offset some of those rising costs, and get productivity improvements from happier employees as a bonus.

Steps to Energy Efficiency

FREE! Pre-Assessment with AMEP

AMEP staff will review your business's current energy profile and identify areas of potential savings. Call us at 279-2637 today to schedule your place on the list.

Detailed Audit

Follow-up the pre-assessment with a detailed audit to identify hidden energy costs and potentials for savings. Audits usually cost from $0.15 - $0.30 per square foot depending on your facility, and are done by a licensed PE. You will receive a detailed report with line item facility improvement measures with costs, savings and payback in years. You will need to conduct a formal audit if you expect to apply for accelerated tax deductions from the IRS.

Decide Your Scope and Approach

Do lighting changes provide enough savings or is there a business need to go further? Will lighting savings pay for mechanical and building improvements? How are you going to track savings?

Finance the Project

Your project may be large enough to do performance contracting, where a contractor will implement the upgrades and take payment out of the savings…guaranteed. Or you may want to go out of pocket. You probably can’t get any rebates from the government or your utility, but you may be eligible for a commercial building tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot.

Do the Work

Now that you have identified areas where savings can occur, its time to start improving your bottom line by making those changes.

Set Maintenance Schedule

New systems, new rules. Many energy efficient technologies require less maintenance; and well maintained devices often save money in continued efficiency and performance.

Maintenance and Building Audits

By tracking the savings from an initial project, it is easier to implement projects in the future and identify areas where costs may be creeping upward.

AMEP will work with you throughout this process to:

  • Assess your business's current level of energy efficiency

  • Determine if efficiency improvements make economic sense

  • Outline the path toward implementing improvements and realizing cost savings

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