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William L. Hensley, Chair

President, AMEP

Mark Stearns, Vice-Chair


Alaska Wood Moulding

& TaskKlock, Inc.

Tara Jollie


Alaska Division of Community

and Rural Affairs

State of Alaska

Alice Rogoff-Rubenstein

Alaska Native Arts Foundation

Joe Austerman


Office of Economic Development

State of Alaska

Cheryl Frasca

Alaska Native Arts Foundation

Hugh Short

VP, Consulting Division

Alaska Growth Capital Management

Herb Schroeder

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Engineering at UAA

Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program

University of Alaska Anchorage

Adam Galindo, Jr.

Vice President

Taco Loco, Inc.

Bill Noll

International Trade Consultant

Daryl Sobek

General Manager

Insulfoam, LLC



Mission Statement

The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc. is committed to developing the state’s economy through the provision of technical, business and economic training and assistance to Alaska’s small manufacturers and to rural Alaskans producing, marketing, and distributing Native art and other home-based manufactured products.

AMEP staff and regional partners play a unique role helping rural Alaska home-based businesses and artists to expand into new markets using the Internet. This empowers the local artisans and manufacturers to work directly with customers, rather than relying on layers in the distribution channel.

AMEP fills a unique niche in the Alaska economic development system by:

  • Connecting rural communities with distant markets through E-Commerce. This gives artisans and home-based manufacturers higher profit margins, more control over their business and greater customer feedback.

  • Strengthening collaboration between existing economic development organizations. AMEP matches the needs of existing manufacturers with local, statewide and national experts to solve their business challenges. This system is a locally-centered, needs-driven, bottom-up method of delivering business assistance.

AMEP Staff

Chris Buchholdt

Executive Director

Eric Downey

Client Relations Manager & Growth Coach

Tom Myers

Deputy Director

Bobby Jo Kramer

Operations Manager

Connie Irrigoo

E-Commerce Program Manager & Marketing Manager

Robert Patrick

Project Manager

Derick Temiz

Operations Coordinator

Amanda Myers

Administrative Assistant

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