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"A lot of people said they liked my idea, but AMEP worked diligently over a long period of time to advance my concept into a business. This tangible assistance is what is needed to capitalize on the many good ideas we see in rural Alaska."

-Edmond Apassingok


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The Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc. is committed to developing the state's economy through the provision of technical, business and economic training and assistance to Alaska's small manufacturers and to rural Alaskans producing, marketing, and distributing Native art and other home-based manufactured products.

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Featured Client

Aksik Clip-on Radiator Fin

Aksik Heat Distribution System

Edmond Apassingok, Principal

Gambell, AK

Aksik Heat Distribution System is a start-up company founded for the purpose of developing a clip-on radiator fin for boiler-fired baseboard heating systems. The family-owned business employs 2 people at its facility in Gambell, Alaska.

Aksik's owner, Edmond Apassingok, lives in the remote community of Gambell, Alaska, on St. Lawrence Island which lies in the northern Bering Sea between Russia and North America. During one particularly cold winter, Apassingok's baseboard radiant heating system couldn't put out enough heat in his home. One room had 8 feet of exposed baseboard heat pipe, and only 4 feet of radiator fins on that pipe. Mr. Apassingok thought, "If only I had a section of radiator fins that I could clip onto the pipe, I could extract more heat from my system."

He made a crude prototype with his brother, Merle, and turned to the Alaska Manufacturing Extension Partnership (AMEP), a NIST MEP network affiliate, for help in protecting his idea and turning it into a manufacturing business. Read more

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